Ask Joshua

I often get ask questions covering a variety of topics. This particular question was asked on my website, and I wish to share it.

Question:What makes you different from other “motivational” people. I love to hear my girls talk about what they want to be when they grow up. The possibilities seem endless but somewhere along the line – all the “ideas” and “dreams” get lost. What do you suggest to keep yourself dreaming – then moving them into reality?

Answer: That is a great question, and it is a question I have asked all my life. I have read hundreds of motivational books, and at the end of each book I feel really great, but then when you slip back into reality you realize that feeling good sometimes is not enough. “ideas” and “dreams” become lost, unless….

What is that unless? What is that key? Those are questions that continue to go unanswered, even by all those motivational books. I do not want to motivate. I want to help in the quest for that key component, that unless factor.

Once you know what your “dream” and “idea” is, you “Decide” to take action. Action is the most underrated key to achieving your “dreams” and “ideas”, the only problem is that most individuals do not know what action to take, and those motivational books will not be able to answer those questions either. That is where the “Discover” comes into play. You must find out what to do, to get what you want. They best way to do that is to “Discover” who others have done it. Then simply follow that course. It really is that easy, you just need the right information, and the right support. You must create a web of inspiration, support, and insight from those who have achieved what you desire. I assure you they will not tell you that it cannot be done, because they have done it.

How do you get their help? Ask. E-mail, phone, write, text, or whatever channels needed to find out your answers. I assure you again, that they did the same thing in their quest.

“Deliver” can be the hardest, but I believe that if you have the right information, it may just be a matter of just showing up. It is kinda like that great meal you had at a friends party. Not being a cook, you may not feel you could ever recreate this in your own home. Once you see the recipe, you realize how easy it really is, if you only follow the steps. You may still need to practice it a couple times before you share it with others, for their own safety of course. But it is the knowledge, followed by action that makes that wonderful thing happen.

Motivational books have made me what I am today, they act as a coach I can turn to when I face problems. But it is the basic art of asking the questions that will make my dreams a reality.

I thank you much for this questions, and encourage your kids not to give up on their dreams. With a cup of knowledge, a teaspoon of support, and a pinch of courage, dreams can be whipped into a magical meal, which must be eaten with whole table of patience.