“Anything is possible, until proven impossible”

Greetings to all and this is my voice. My voice to the world consists of one main belief that anything is possible, and it is up to you to decide what that possible is. The reality that anything is possible is more than a belief, it is a fact. There are very few feats in the world that have not been accomplished, as a matter of fact very few things have been proven impossible. Now there are those who have tried to throw upon me many so called exceptions, but the reality of my life is very simple. I am not trying to cure cancer, or cause world peace, although those would be nice; but my goals are simple progressive goals. I work one step at a time towards my many ultimate goals. If you know the steps, you can easily climb the stairs.

Now, I do not want to take a lifetime of philosophical ideas, and cram them all into a simple blog entry, but I wish to introduce what I wish to happen from this blog. I plan to use this blog to gradually express the many ideas collected throughout my life, and somehow help you through yours. I have been blessed with the insight of others to help me not only design my life, but work with many other individuals to help them design theirs. You in turn will not be listening to me, but to those who have taught me.

These ideas are beyond the basic motivational material out there today, because it allows you to customize the principles of successful people to your own lives. It is not just about the words provided to you, but the actions observed, as well as the application of principles learned. It is not a step by step approach, but a process of education that everyone goes through in their lives. It is the ability to be aware of that process, which will ultimately bring you closer to your dreams. It is by no means an easy journey; I am still on my own journey, however understanding that you are heading in the right direction, and always moving forward is the key. You must maintain a constant evaluation of your path, so you keep progressing in the right direction. You cannot waste a moment.

This entry so far has been good, and I am trying very hard to keep things in perspective without leading off into the many aspects of my viewpoint on life. I want to stress that my voice is a voice of many. I also want to stress that since this a blog, I intend to keep you as close to the present as possible. Instead of bringing you back through my journey, I would like to keep the ideas collected over time, and apply them to today, and going forward.

This blog will serve as an observation of current situations. I will cover situations I have covered personally, as well as observations of situations around the world. I will also keep posted on many other things, and those things may not apply to any of this. I will use this blog as a sounding board of my observations on life. I will use the principles I have learned and apply them to those observations.

Well, this serves as a good start to a new form of expanding the voice of others to the world. I hope this will benefit my own thought process, as well as helping even a few individuals.

Here is my voice; the voice of others; the voice of observation.

Let’s get started.