Whirlpool Theory
Whirlpool Theory

I have a theory, called the Whirlpool Theory, that I developed almost 8 years ago and I use it in many situations, covering many aspects of life, and it all starts back in my soon to be wife’s friends pool. The story goes that my wife, her friend, and myself were in a small circular pool, and her friend decided to start a whirlpool. Now, whirlpools are fun, but it requires a certain amount of force to get one going. As a matter of fact everyone in the pool must be involved in order for it to work. In a small pool as we were in that day, if one decided that they didn’t want to put forth the effort to create the whirlpool, it probably wouldn’t work. Of course we all thought it was a fun idea and we decided to start one, and it was fun. Now, whirlpools are started every day in the summer, nothing too out of the ordinary, but then I started to think. What would happen if I started toward the center of the pool in the middle of the process? I may slow down, or even disrupt the whole of the whirlpool.

Now, at that time I was working on a project involving teamwork, and that particular day came to mind. The whirlpool theory starts of as an idea, you need someone to support the idea, and then you need a final support of the group itself. That final group could be the rest of the employees, or customers, or any outside factor to the original two. Ideas need that one push, or support to get going. Once you get an agreement that the idea is great then you need the rest of the whole to go along. Now if you have enough people agree that the idea is great, then any single resistance will just get sucked into the whirlpool, and will follow the cycle whether they like it or not.

The key to the theory at the time was to follow the course of making an idea, or course of action successful through the support and action of others. It is possible to create a whirlpool by yourself but it would be very difficult.

So why do I bring it up today? That is because an event has happened that has me having to re-evaluating the original theory. What happens when the owner of the pool says were not doing this anymore? Now you still have people in the pool that like it, but it is not their pool. They could act defiant and continue to move forward, which the owner could only by force stop them, which is not a likely case. Or they will simply have to stop and the momentum will no longer be there.

In life you have certain things that have to happen a certain way for it to work successfully. Unfortunately majority of the population has someone in charge of them, which could disrupt that momentum. This can become very complex. It really depends how serious the course of action is. A silly whirlpool is not serious, but if it is a course of action that is critical to your livelihood, then it becomes a problem.

This entry is focusing on the delay of momentum derived from the one in control of the idea. The only way to solve such issues is through communication, or complete elimination of the problem. The only way to eliminate the problem is to properly position yourself. Now, this all goes back to planning. When designing your life you work on positioning yourself, you need to work towards placing yourself in an environment where you can easily follow the current of the whirlpool. It is kind of like plunging into a system.

On the issue of communicating with the obstacle, this may be the course of action you wish to take. You may like where you are, but that one factor is holding you back. Always work out the problem. Just like the customer who wishes to still shop somewhere may encounter a particular store they don’t agree with. The third party of that whirlpool can make their own decisions.

In conclusion, remember that you have a say into what direction you wish to move. You may not want to get out of the pool. Sometimes you need to get into another pool. Either way do not let the decision linger. Decide, and take action to which current you belong to. As long as you keep momentum, and move in a positive direction. Whirlpools are fun, momentum is fun, make sure you never let anyone stop the fun in your life.

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