Ismael by Daniel Quinn
Ismael by Daniel Quinn

Take It Or Leave It

Now this is a book that can easily slide in to the top 25 of anyone’s book collection after reading it, because it is quite different than anything I have read. It is a book of awareness, not of ones self, but the surrounding problems facing humanity as a whole. The general theme of the book is the destruction of our planet by mankind, with a view that the world was made for man. Instead it stresses that man was made for the world. Man is part of the world, along with the animals, plants, water, and the mountains themselves. No one would do anything to harm their neighbors, yet mankind has done that by “taking” the world for themselves.

The story is very deep, and can be seen from many viewpoints. Like the viewpoint of the “leavers” ; they leave the earth in the ” hands of the gods ” and play a role as part of the earth, not ruler of the earth. Like some tribes in Africa, or even other third world countries where the environment is not destroyed, yet they happy with their path. Leave it to whatever happens.

Takers entitled the earth to themselves, paving roads, building manufacturing plants to distribute in the masses. In the “mother culture” of the animals, they have almost a set of rules that differ them from us. Yet, they live in so much more harmony than mankind does.

The lion hunts the gazelle not out of anger or deceit, but out of hunger. Yet, when the lions hunger has been meet the gazelle are free to roam. The lion does not rid the land of all resources for later purposes, only when the need is there. Mankind extracts all resources, leaving an unbalance in the world.

In my perspective the world was made for man, yet an examination of the book allows me to gain greater understanding how man can roam the earth as the greater element, and still remain in harmony with the rest of the world. The lion and the gazelle’s relationship is not based on hate, but need. Hatred does exist in the realm of mankind, and their is no need for that.

The most fascinating thing to me about the book, and this is what set this writing apart from all others is the process of discovery involved in the book. The way of teaching by Ismael that allows you to really examine key issues, no matter what they are, and can understand them, and allow them to change your life if you examine ” how things came to be this way”

You can really examine the root of any challenge facing society if you just take off the blinders and examine “how things came to be this way” , and not just recent change, but when did the problem start. To get rid of the webs, you must first find the spider. But that saying would not be in harmony with the book would it?

When did the problem start, then you can begin to change. However, as the book points out, it starts with one teaching a hundred, then a hundred teaching a hundred. I believe that Daniel Quinn accomplished that writing this book. The earth isn’t going anywhere, we are. And you can take it, or leave it.

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